Illustration for article titled Indy 500: Vitor Meira Crash Introduces Sideways Retaining Wall Racing

We haven't gotten decent images yet, but if you missed it, Vitor Meira, who returned to the field after a near-flambe, got tangled with Raphael Matos, his car flipped backwards, landed on its side pod and slid along the wall for about a quarter mile before landing upright. Unbelievable.


The two were successfully extracted from their cars with Matos getting out all by himself, Meira seemed to be beaten up a bit more and walked to the ambulance assisted, he's since been taken to an area hospital complaining of lower back pain. The two cars struck the Safer Barrier so hard it needed some new plates welded in place. We'll have video of the crash as soon as we can because this is one you have to see to believe.

Meanwhile the competition has narrowed to only 23 from the starting field of 33 and Helio Castroneves maintains his lead while Danica Patrick has just snapped up second place. Naturally, the announcers are flipping out at the prospect of a win from Patrick. Ten laps to go folks.

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