Indulge In This Extremely Fitting Tribute To The End Of IMSA's Crashiest Class

GIF via Bakkster

Prototype Challenge plowed off track for good this year, as the class was retired from the IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship. PC allowed amateur-rated drivers a place to compete against each other in real, honest-to-goodness, purpose-built racing prototypes. Naturally, they crashed a lot.

If you forgot about these funny little spec, open-cockpit Oreca FLM09 race cars that weren’t as fast as the Daytona Prototypes, it may be because only a handful of PC cars still raced this year. Some of the PC teams already moved on to whatever they planned to race next, be it a DPi-spec Prototype class car, or a GT racer. PC was left with barely enough cars to fill a podium.

To many of us, these cars were simply “the cause of that really stupid crash” or “why the race went back to yellow again.” So, friend of Jalopnik Bakkster put together this extremely fitting tribute to remember the class the way we all remember it: making a big ol’ mess.

Bon voyage, Prototype Challenge. Never forget.

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