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Indonesian F-16 Catches Fire And Burns On The Runway

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An Indonesian F-16C caught fire right before takeoff this morning at an airbase near Jakarta. The pilot escaped as the jet was consumed by flames. He is said to have only sustained superficial burns. As you can see, the F-16 fared much worse.


The F-16 said to be involved in the incident is part of a recent group of 24 jets that the Indonesian Air Force received from the US in the form of a grant. These aircraft were surplus Block 32 airframes that are being brought up to what is called Block 52ID+ standard, which shares the F-16 Block 52+'s cockpit displays, mission computer, data-link, electronic warfare suite and other upgrades, aside from its APG-68V9 radar. These refurbished jets wear a gorgeous aqua blue scheme unlike any other F-16s operating around the globe.

The loss of this F-16 comes not long after a spectacular crash involving the Indonesian Air Force's aerobatic team that occurred at an airshow and defense exposition in Malaysia. Miraculously, everyone involved in that mishap also survived.

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