In the End, the Ford Falcon Was the Better Australian Muscle Car

If you’re like me and are just now realizing you have a bit of a knowledge gap concerning the final iterations of the iconic Australian muscle cars, bless them in heaven, and want to know which one kicked more ass, well it was close.


But the Falcon was the better muscle car, in the end. At least according to the YouTube channel, which tested both cars in their most muscled-out trims back in 2015.

Looks-wise, I’m partial to the Falcon, too. But in the more empirical testing, the Commodore did put up a fight. The Falcon easily won the power wars in the dyno testing, and the straight-line acceleration and speed testing, but on the track the Commodore was much more composed up against the Falcon.

But on the road and overall, the Falcon came out on top more often than not. Which tells me that 20 years from now, when I’m old and weird and probably sad, hopefully with cash to burn, I can import a slightly-hotter-looking Fusion and feel good about my decision.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik



I just wish GM and Ford both built and sold these models in the US. It’s a bummer it took this long for Hyundai/Kia of all people to make something even remotely similar to the 300/Charger