In Russia You Can Turn Your Car Into An Actual Tank For $1,300

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The Russians really seem to have a thing for snow, crappy little sedans and absurdly capable off-road vehicles. This guy’s home-brewed commuter tank marries all three concepts, and it may be one of my all-time favorites.


Apparently this humble Lada was transformed into a land-crushing tracked vehicle dubbed “Wolverine” by Russian engineer Pavel Shavrin out of Magnitogorsk.

LiveLeak says he built it in six months with 100,000 roubles, or a little over $1,300 and “tank tracks from one of the Ural manufacturing companies.” The “car” supposedly tops out at 31 mph. But hey; that’s 31 mph over zero.

Despite the junkyard aesthetic, It’s not nearly sinister enough to call “Mad Maxian.” It’s more like one of those redneck party barges made for snow duty. (Which, of course, is still awesome.)

This footage of the tank eating snow in somebody’s back yard is bit of a tease, but still enough to appreciate the glory of a spectacular shadetree build. Hopefully we’ll see it frolicking in the Ural mountains soon.


Images/video via Ruptly

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