Antiglobalists in St. Petersburg, who we assume are anti globalism and not anti spherical representations of the earth, have found a Hummer owner willing to sacrifice his H3 for a politically significant egging. And even better, the man is willing to auction off his H3 and donate the money to charity. A spokesman for the group said "Luxury is a false value, clouding modern society's vision. Advertising posters, TV shows and slick marketing constantly tells us that buying things is the most important value in our society." We know, it's great.

The antiglobalist protesters need to be careful about where the eggs and tomatoes for the demonstration come from, as there are many evil multinational corporations responsible for putting food on Russia's tables. In fact, according to the FAO Russia imported nearly one million metric tons of chicken in 2004. But it's worth the sacrifice if they get to egg just one Hummer. [Source: Reuters]