In Mother Russia, Fake Crocodile Is The New Whale Penis

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The term "suitcase car" was somehow lost in translation with the "Bentley Suitcase Croco." It's a Bentley Continental GT covered in African buffalo leather embossed and painted to look like crocodile skin. Oh Russia, you so crazy!

Classy. That's the one term we would never think to describe the Bentley Suitcase Croco. The creators, Igor Kozin, Robert Mauser, Igor Ryabov, and Nikolai Mikhailov, took nine months to develop a process to emboss a crocodile leather pattern into African buffalo skin, paint it to emulate the correct color and affix it to an otherwise inoffensive Bentley Continental GT. The resulting car is pretty much everything you need to know about conspicuous consumption in modern Russia — or at least in post-whale penis modern Russia. The point is further driven home in the video below, complete with scantily clad, see-through-heel wearing strippers.


[Orhu (translated) via Luxury4Play]

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Turbineguy: Nom de Zoom

African buffalo leather? Amateurs. Why not go all-out and use hides from some endangered species like the Bhutan Giant Flying Squirrel or the Ball Bearing Frog (look it up, it's legit)?