In Dubai, Off-Roading Big Ass SUVs Is All About Momentum

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A 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser weighs about 5,875 pounds and despite all the heritage, is not something I would consider as a proper off-road vehicle. In Dubai though, the playing field is a bit crazier.

Endless sand dunes and camels on the loose wherever you look once outside the city. That’s what you find in the United Arab Emirates, plus lots of white cars due to the intense heat.


As for the locals, well, they don’t drive Baja Bugs like certain New Yorkers. Instead, they keep the short wheelbase Nissan Patrol alive by revving the hell out of each and buying new ones after they blow up, get rolled or crash into another contender.

As for /Drive fan Ahmed’s Cruiser, you will be surprised to see what a good engine choice, some clever shocks and proper tires can do to a rolling whale.

Remember to clean your air filters regularly!

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