Some say May 21, 2011 will bring the rapture, lifting believers out of their clothes and up to heaven, while the heathens left on earth will confiscate their clothes and cars. In case of rapture, what will you drive?

Naturally, the roadways will be littered with abandoned Pontiac Montanas, Chevrolet Ventures and perhaps even Oldsmobile Silhouettes. And so, by way of their sheer post-rapture abundance, we're going with GM's second-gen U-body minivans. (Anyway, they're not terrible. I know a guy who travels the country looking for good-condition Silhouettes. But he's a little quirky.) These vans will be perfect basic transportation for traveling to gay marriages, drinking before noon and getting Chick-fil-A for lunch on Sunday.

(Photo credit: Donielle.)

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