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In-Car Karaoke? Who Knew?

Illustration for article titled In-Car Karaoke? Who Knew?

We love to sing along while driving, we admit it. We also enjoy partaking in the proletarian art of karaoke now and then (Texas residents, we highly recommend keeping an eye on Karaoke Underground's schedule). However, we have never considered installing a karaoke machine in our motor vehicle. Apparently, however, this has become a problem in the Kingdom of Thailand. In addition to considering a hands-free-only cell-phone mandate, Thai authorities are also looking at banning in-car DVD systems as well as vehicle-borne karaoke devices. As long as they don't take away our pad phed tofu and mango & sticky rice. Or ban smoking in cars.

Karaoke, televisions in cars face ban [Bangkok Post]

Brits Support Smoking Ban in Private Cars [Internal]


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OK. I didn't want to have to do this.

But SOMEBODY had to speak up.