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In A City Of Subarus, The BRAT Stands Out

Illustration for article titled In A City Of Subarus, The BRAT Stands Out

What with all the great DOTSBE photos coming in from readers all over the globe, we haven't had a chance to show any Denver cars for a few weeks. This means we have quite the backlog, because in addition to Denver regulars Kitt and Ejacobs, I get shipped to Denver for work every so often and shoot the occasional street-parked vehicle myself while in town. Today is Kitt's turn, with this clean BRAT she found in her South Denver 'hood. It seems that every third vehicle in town is a Subaru, but you don't see many of these things around.


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

I heard a story about a young bloke who had one of these. In Australia they're called Brumby(a type of horse). Not long after he bought it, it developed a very bad vibration in the driveline. The mechanic said that his rear prop-shaft and uni-joint had to be replaced because it was worn.

$1500 + labour, later he picked it up and was happy. A week and a half later he was back. Pissed off and blaming the mechanic for shoddy work. The prop-shaft and uni were cactus. The mechanic took it for a drive and sure enough the driveline was vibrating and didn't feel right. He looked down and noticed the transfer case was in high range four wheel drive.

The mechanic had to explain to the kid that these Subies are Four Wheel Drive, NOT All Wheel Drive. 4WD does not have a centre differential, AWD does. When you drive on the black-top with a 4WD car while it's in 4WD, the slight variations of circumference of the front and rear wheels mean the front and rear diffs get 'wound up' and eventually something in the driveline will snap. AWD have a centre diff that differentiates and cancels out the wind-up.

The kid though he bought a friggin WRXamino.