In 1990 There Were Three RWD Japanese Turbo Sports Cars

Georgia's Roebling Road raceway has seen some of the best shootouts in MotorWeek's history, although few have been as enlightening as a Nissan 300ZX facing off against an RX7 and a Toyota MR2 for some reason. Turbo power!


I won't give away the winner, but I'd like to point out how much we've all become losers in the absence of these turbocharged Japanese jets. Sure, you can still get a new Z in the form of a 370Z, but it's naturally aspirated. Toyota finally offers a RWD sports car in the excellent Scion FR-S, but it also lacks forced induction. Mazda? Nothing at the moment.

Is Hyundai the only company making an affordable turbocharged, RWD sports car in the United States?


MotorWeek Theater is our showcase of some of our favorite classic reviews from public television's finest motoring program. How does this video only have 13,223 views? They're slicing-and-dicing!

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I still think the MR2 looks good, while the others look...well, okay but dated.