I'm Willing To Believe Mustaches Add Horsepower After Watching This Hot Rod Race

Colonel Sanders is calling it. (Photo Credit: TheHoonigans/YouTube)

“The Race of Gentlemen” is like cosplay for reliving the early days of motor racing– primitive engines powering tin can cars and clattery motorcycles, on the beach, driven full-noise by greasy mustached caricatures having the time of their lives.

You’ve seen the Instagram posts, you remember that fantastic Autoweek cover, now The Hoonigans have crammed everything this beautiful event is all about into a three minute video.


The race’s west coast edition actually just went down last weekend on Pismo Beach, a drivable stretch of sand about 200 miles from LA. But this video by The Hoonigans captures the last event on the other side of the country, at Wildwood, New Jersey.

Legend. (Photo Credit: TheHoonigans/YouTube)

I’m trying really hard to resist invoking the word “hipster” because I’m so bored of it, but I mean, the 1940's-beach-racing look has kind of been co-opted by the barista meme.

Regardless, I’m really jealous that these people got to go hog-wild in delightfully simplistic hot rods on the beach.


If the video got you as fired up as I did, the race is coming back to New Jersey next summer and presumably back west about a year from now. Incredibly, I think my Scout is a little too technologically advanced to join the throw-down but I’m looking forward to tailgating with it next year!

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