Ask Greg Tracy Anything You Want Before He Assaults Pikes Peak

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The impending Pikes Peak Hill Climb has already claimed a few cars, but so far stunt driver and all around badass Greg Tracy has managed to keep his Mitsubishi on the track. He's taking a break from qualifying to talk to you. Fire your questions at him.

UPDATE: Greg has to go run out and, you know, win Pikes Peak. Our thanks to him for answering our questions and our best wishes for a safe, fast-as-hell run up the mountain.


Tracy's IMDB page reads like a best-of for car films made in the last decade. His car control is as legendary as his Team Hot Wheels mustache was full and lustrous. He rides bikes. He drifts muscle cars. He is the stuntman we all wished we were and, unlike Ryan Gosling, he hasn't gotten tied up with the mob (we hope!).

This year Tracy is piloting the Mitsubishi Motors MiEV Evolution II race car at Pikes Peak. It's one of the new class of lightning fast electric cars trying to climb the 14,110-foot, all-asphalt road to the Pikes Peak summit in Colorado. It's dangerous. It's fast. It's exactly what we expect out of Greg Tracy.

Fire your questions at him.

Photo Credit: My Life At Speed

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Raphael Orlove

Okay, so you're in a Shelby Cobra doing a buck twenty on Route 89a in Arizona. Behind you is a giant alien robot octopus shooting laser beams down at the populace. The Shelby starts to sputter out of gas.

Up ahead is Navajo bridge. You see to your right a group of hangliders preparing to take off. On your left is a new Ferrari dealership. Directly next to you is an eighteen wheeler carrying a truckload of Corvettes.

Do you bail out of the Cobra, make a run for the hangliders, and attempt to escape into Marble Canyon? Do you bail out to try and steal a Ferrari and drive to safety? Or do you try and jump onto the truck, perhaps to ride it out, perhaps to make off with a Corvette? The alien octopodes are closing in fast.