I'm Really Into These Retro Roof Racks

Photo: Christian Grey Hawkins

Last week as David Tracy and I were questing across America in his ‘86 Grand Wagoneer, we met a Jalopnik reader in Colorado with a beautiful old Ford Falcon running steel-and-wood roof racks that were so elegant and artsy looking I was sure they must have been custom made. But, nope, here they are for all of us.

The car’s owner caught me admiring the racks and sent me a link to this “Quick-N-Easy” bracket that would look really cool paired with a stained-wood frame roof rack and pretty much any pre-1980 car or SUV.

Photo: Andrew P. Collins

I’d stick some on my Scout but it’s already got a factory luggage system up top. I’m pretty sure the next retro car I end up wrenching on is going to get some of these. Maybe even a pair of period-correct skis to ride on it too.

Photo: Christian Grey Hawkins

I love how they look like they were improvised from random bits of hardware but also seem to fit an older car’s aesthetic neatly.


Hat tip to Christian!

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