In a shocking display of teamwork or something, I’ve teamed up with The Truth About Cars’ W. Christian “Mental” Ward and the 3 Pedal Mafia crew to dominate the 24 Hours of LeMons’ Real Hoopties of New Jersey this weekend. (And by “dominate,” I mean it’ll probably be a moving chicane when I’m driving.)

3 Pedal Mafia is probably best known for the hilariously depreciated Rolls Royce they’ve run in the past, although they also have a boat body put on an S10 chassis that they’re bringing this time along with a sweet Civic hatch.

I won’t divulge our theme just yet, however, I will say that I’d almost fit right in on the Porschelump. (Key word: almost. I think it’d get us banned from Germany? Er, I can explain.)


Who else will be racing this weekend? Well, Hooniverse has a great preview that compares all the cars that are running this time to mixed drinks. (I think we’re rusty water something-something.)

Are you close to New Jersey? Racing in the 24 Hours of LeMons? Need something awesome to do this weekend? I should also have a butt-ton of Jalopnik stickers to hand out that were left over from last weekend’s shenanigans. Come hang out Friday after practice and inspections with us. We’ll either be mulling around the RV or next to a pair of pastel cars (err, car and a and a truck? and a TruckBoatPig). The Jalopnik bump is real for everything but my personal Porsche 944, it seems, so could the sticker help you with that whole ultimate LeMons domination thing? Maybe.


Bonus: New Jersey Motorsports Park backs right up to the airport that will host the Millville Airshow this weekend. Come watch a bunch of misfit vehicular toys try to race for hours upon end and enjoy the cool planes all day Saturday and Sunday. It’s a win-win, and you should be here.

Photo credit: this video of a varmint on the track.

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