What The Hell Is This?

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This is a supposed concept that has been popping up places over the last few hours. We have no clue what it is. Do you?

Apparently, this image/rendering has been all over car forums for the last 24 hours, according to Carscoop. It's supposedly a "surprising makeover for this brand," but we have no clue what brand it is, and neither do they.

Do you? If you do, can you tell us? Please? We need your help.

What The Hell Is This? is a game I just thought up and that we might play again soon. There is no right or wrong answer because, well, I also have no idea what is in the picture. Annotate the pic and comment away. Let's figure this out.

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Thomas McIntyre

I'm inclined to say Volvo.

1. The kink in the bottom of the grille/the chrome slats on the grille

2. The LEDs (I think? Or it could just be a bit of chrome) in the lower fascia are exactly where Volvo has been putting them lately (see Volvo V40)

3. Wishful thinking that they'll do something interesting