"Two guys don't usually do this stuff at home," justified a man caught engaging in a sex act with the local sheriff, as to why they were performing said sex act in a 1994 Ford Escort station wagon parked behind an Irish bar.

Local police found their Sheriff, Keith Kellerman, 48, in the station wagon with J. Ian Stennett, 31 at 1:15am on Friday morning, reports BND.com. Stennett's pants were allegedly unzipped and his shirt undone. In Missouri, being in the presence of another man who has his fly down qualifies as a sex act. The men are also said to have admitted to "making out."

The couple were cited with public indecency before being driven to their respective home by a designated driver.

Kellerman has been The Law in Pinkneyville, a town of 25,000 near St. Louis, since 1998. He began his career in law enforcement working in a correctional facility after receiving an honorable discharge from the Navy in 1992.


Unfortunately, details of how two large men managed to actually "make out" in a '94 Escort wagon are not available. We're betting it was a bit awkward as well as chilly, lows in Pinckneyville are currently in the 40s.

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