IFR Aspid Rears Ugly Head, 2.8-Second 0-To-62 Time, At British Motor Show

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The IFR Aspid is capable of some seriously staggering acceleration, jumping from 0 to 62 MPH in just 2.8 seconds. That's what a 400 HP supercharged 2.0-liter inline-four bolted in a car with a curb weight of just 1543 lbs will do. Though, if you don't need that much speed, you can get the engine sans supercharger, which still makes 270 HP. That's still plenty of power, considering the bare chassis weighs just 175 lbs. But don't think that rigidity weight was sacrificed in the name of weight loss. IFR Automotive claims the Aspid is the first car ever to meet FIA safety requirements and EU homologation standards, making the Aspid legal on the street and the track. Despite all these impressive points though, we can't help but wonder why anyone would bother building it.


Let's be honest, this is not a good looking machine. It's as if someone took a Caterham and restyled it as a ridiculous Chrysler concept car. A Caterham is basic, elemental, and raw form following function. The Aspid is complicated, and has too many useless and overstyled bits. But perhaps that's the point here. After all, with luxuries like touch-screen satellite navigation and WiFi internet capability, the Aspid is more likely catering to those wanting the image of a supercar as well as the performance. That's fitting, since the prices range from about $149,000 up to nearly $300,000. We'd rather get a Se7en and spend the extra cash on a lifetime supply of trackdays.
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Rob Emslie

Not only is it so unique in its aesthetic that they will never fear a Chinese clone, but it has the most stupid steering wheel I have ever seen. Must have been nicked from a GAME store.