If You're Trying To Run From The Cops, Don't Take One With You

Thumbnail via YouTube
Thumbnail via YouTube

I’m not exactly sure what either party was trying to accomplish in this dashcam video of a traffic cop desperately clinging to the front of a car as it speeds away. I’d imagine it’s not the best idea to bring a cop along when trying to evade the law, though.

According to the video’s description, the driver didn’t want to be stopped at the checkpoint. Unfortunately the traffic cop decided they weren’t going to let one get away, clinging on to the hood at up to 60 miles per hour! You can’t escape! Not on their watch!


As ashamed as I am to admit it, the cut from the dashcam to the street camera as the car goes flying by was pretty funny. Glad everyone was OK! But it was funny.

Next time just let the car go and try to get the plate number. Not the traffic cop we need, but the one we deserve, I guess?

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Urambo Tauro

Always stop for checkpoints like this. You may even get a chance to show off your karaoke skills!