The Russian city of Igarka is 101 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and this time of the year, the temperature can easily drop down to -62 degrees fahrenheit. That's cold enough to freeze an aircraft to the runway, and that's when you make friends with fellow passengers for the greater good.

Regional airliner Katekavia's Tupolev Tu-134 was sitting in one place for more than a day. That was clearly a mistake, but not something that could stop the workers aboard from reaching their destination a bit further down to the south. All the plane needed to get moving again was a bit of teamwork boosting the pushback's horsepower figure to the sufficient level.

The Tu-134's NATO reporting name is Crusty, no pun intended. You should also know that this relic from the sixties is only used today by the Russians, plus North-Korea's legendary Air Koryo and a charter airline in Sudan.

Hat tip to Cink!