If You Were Moving Far Away Would You Take Your Vehicles?

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Say you were moving across the country and you had a modest collection of vehicles. Would you take them? Take your favorite? At what point does the sentimental value of your fleet outweigh the cost and inconvenience of trucking them 2,500 miles?

You see, as some readers may remember I’m moving from my cabin in the woods of New York to Los Angeles at the end of the summer. You may also know I keep a small squadron of machines here at Truck Yeah headquarters; two cheap-but-beloved motorcycles, my manual-shift Acura TL that I still consider one of the best things I’ve ever driven, a derelict International Scout, and a third-gen Toyota 4Runner I’m babysitting indefinitely.

Moving to the city presents substantial issues to my vehicular ownership; namely storage costs and shipping costs.


I’ve already decided to leave the Scout behind... there are just too many nice ones out west that would cost less to buy than it would to transport mine. The 4Runner will be staying in New York too... but I’m so attached to my bikes that I’m seriously considering spending $1,500 to ship $5,000 worth of old bent motorcycle.

Then again, the Yamaha XSR700 is starting to convince me there might actually be better bikes in my future after all.

What would you do, fellow gearhead?


Image via Jackrix/Flickr

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