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Any concerns you may have had about the hybrid BMW i8 being only a sports car with supercar looks need to be relinquished, because the carbon-fiber BMW of the future is about to be packed and powered by the engine out of the M6 — a 4.4 liter V8.

The Gabura Racing Technologies tuning company went to Facebook to announce their project of putting the 8 (cylinders) in i8.


According to Carscoops, the powertrain of the car will be gutted and the 4.4 liter powerplant will be updated by Alpina, the most famous BMW tuner, pushing the car’s capability to around 800 horsepower—200hp more than the M6 the engine currently lives in. It’s also reported that the car will come with an added six-speed sequential transmission to help sort everything out.

Gabura has yet to actually finish the project, but my appetite is pretty damn whetted. Perhaps this will finally be the much, much crazier 8-series successor we all would totally be okay with?




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