Illustration for article titled If you think you might get stuck in a sunroof, you probably shouldnt jump through one

A New Hampshire woman trying to do her best Good Samaritan impression ended up needing the most help when she got stuck in the sunroof of a stranger's Saab last night. The woman lived, surviving the ordeal perhaps solely because of her desire not to die in such a hilarious manner.


It started around 6:00 pm last night in Manchester when a woman who owned the red Saab found herself unable to open her car. The passerby above tried to help by jumping into the sunroof to open the car from the inside. She became stuck and firefighters were called to the scene.

Unable to get into the car they had to use a portable airbag to squeeze the sunroof open. The woman was treated at the hospital for breathing difficulties and being amazingly unhelpful.


(Hat tip to Josh!)

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