Why do people keep kidnapping Liam Neeson's loved ones? Seriously. Play the odds on this. Dude killed a bear and joined the A-Team to save his daughter in Taken 1 and now you're going to try and kidnap his wife? Bad move guy who looks like Anthony Hopkins but probably isn't.

The trailer for Taken 2 already has more car porn than the original film. First he's driving around in a BMW and then all of a sudden there's a Mercedes cab and an M-Class getting blown up as it hits a train. Was it full of gasoline?


I've watched the trailer four times now and I'm pretty sure I know the entire plot, which is good, because the plot often just gets in the way in modern Liam Neeson movies.

Also, you're vacationing in Istanbul when people keep trying to abscond with your pretty family? How about Fort Knox. Or the UN. Somewhere with guards and high walls.


(Hat tip to brian1321!)