Photo: Mitch Barrie (Flickr)

If you like weird custom cars, it is time you schedule a trip to El Mirage dry lake bed for one of the land speed events held there every year in the summer and fall. Maybe you’ll see Brock’s Bombshell Betty, pictured above. Or maybe you’ll see an old Ford shaped like a cheese wedge. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll see something you’ve never seen before.


Matt Brown is an automotive engineer, writer, and builder of unconventional things. Mostly vehicles.

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Sgt. Pegleg

That’s... it? I mean, that car is wicked-awesome, and it’s cool you are telling us about El Mirage, but I was kind of expecting a photographic report — not just a paragraph. Is Jalopnik sending you/someone to cover it? Would love to see a SEMA’esque write up on it.