Photo: Renault V.I.

If you got it, a truck brought it.” That’s what Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa told us in The Irishman. In America, that likely means a Freightliner or a Mack or a Kenworth, but over in Europe, whatever you’ve got could have been brought by one of these, the Renault Magnum.

The Renault Magnum was an icon. Originally marketed as the AE, the Magnum’s flat floor and high roof made it a hit with truck drivers and its imposing Marcello Gandini-penned lines made them easy to spot on the road.


This press shot makes it even easier with some bold graphics along the sides that make it clear that the Magnum was an early-’90s product designed for a hopeful new era.

The model has since been replaced by the Renault T, which is far less imposing but probably is better suited to narrow European streets. If you’re lucky you may still get to spot one of these monsters if you find yourself over there though.

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.

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