"The Suzuki Bandit is to high-end motorcycles what a combination KFC/Taco Bell is to fine dining."


Regular Car Reviews' seven-minute starts with a lotta poop jokes and ends with something about trying to bang baristas, but somewhere in between you might catch some riding impressions of the Suzuki Bandit 1250.

Mr. Regular describes the Bandit as a "utilitarian version" of the pants-shitting Hayabusa. He's not far off; the Bandit pretty much subscribes to the same "big engine/little vehicle" formula as Suzuki's superbike but is made a little more accessible by its upright seating position.

Would it work as a long-distance touring bike? Sure, fit some bag, bigger windscreen, and head off onto the highway. But as Mr. Regular points out, the Bandit is a victim of the same phenomenon that plagues so many cheap vehicles with big outputs... they tend to be favored by operators with poor manners (dicks).

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