If Picasso Designed A Car

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Pablo Picasso's known for his jarring, cubist aesthetic, but what if he designed a car? It would probably look like Andy Saunders' creation: Picasso's Citroen. Saunders thinks the artist would've preferred it to an actual Citroen Picasso, we agree.


The bizarrely modified Citroen 2CV was created over the course of six months by Saunders, who thought it would be fun to create an homage to the artist by building a car which emulates his cubist style. He took inspiration directly from two of Picasso's works "Three Musicians" and "Dora Maar" and explain the off-kilter "face" and vibrant colors. Despite the odd appearance, the deux chevaux is still roadworthy and can get up to 65 mph (which is like 150 mph for every other car). One thing's for certain, it won't ever be mistaken for a Monet Citroen. (Thanks for the tip TheCroationGuy)

[Serious Wheels]

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I've seen a 2CV in similar shape before. Although it wasn't exactly on purpose...