There's already a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe racer, but Phill Tromans of Crank And Piston bring us this story of two Dubai brothers who want to see a Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon racer become a reality. — Ed.

BAM! How's about this for an idea then? A Cadillac CTS-V Wagon racer; the brain child of Lap 57's Emirati race driver Omran Al Owais, and we want to see it take to the track.

Sadly, this is only a Photoshop, but we hope this will inspire some very clever people to help make it a reality. Currently, the car is a standard road machine. Both Omran and his brother Mohammed own them, having imported them from the US to satisfy their long-established desire for large-booted performance machinery. This is something of an anathema in the Middle East, where SUVs rule the roost, but the site of one of these carving up the race track could just bring about a few conversions to the Way of the Wagon.


In Omran's own words: "A typical Emirati thinks a wagon is as cool as a chauffeur driving an old smelly Camry Wagon with trunk full of fish baskets. The Golf GTI is familiar sight on Dubai Autodrome track days, and the sight of a Clio shaking it at the Yas Marina driving school is quite acceptable, but when you mention the word Wagon, people just stare at each other as if I am cuckoo.


"We are hoping this fetish might catch on with other Emiratis and see them ditching their X6Ms and G55s, so that we start seeing serious girls on the road such as the RS6/E63 or the new exciting M5 Wagon. The streets of Jumeirah at night will never be the same."

The Al Owais brothers' current plan is to drive their respective estates from Dubai to the Nurburgring for the mother of all road-trips, and after that convert one into the fire-breathing speed machine you see conceived above. But it's no small task, and Omran hopes this image will persuade those with influence and expertise to get in touch with advice on how to bring the vision to life, and race it in the UAE GT Championship. Hennessey Performance, D3 and anyone else with the skills - we're calling you out! Drop us a line, let's make it happen.


Phill Tromans writes for Crank And Piston, highlighting the automotive culture heavily ingrained in the Middle East. This story first appeared on June 30th, 2011.