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If Everyone Had A 650 Horsepower Nissan Micra, The World Would Be A Happier Place

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This Nissan Micra has a VQ35 big six swapped into it, and has been converted to 4WD, and a couple of big turbos have been added to crank up the power. This video depicts the car running up the hill at Rod Millen’s Leadfoot Festival in New Zealand, and it’s an absolute rocket. This car is everything that is good about car culture, taking something wholly unfit for the task and forcing the lock on speed. It’s basically a really fast GT-R in a really small body, and that makes me extra happy.

If everyone in the world was just a little extra happy every day, we’d all be better to each other. The key to world peace is building a few billion of these tiny monsters and letting everyone rip big fat four-wheel donuts whenever they got a bit sad. You couldn’t be sad driving around in this thing, it’s impossible.


Nobody needs any more or any less car than this Micra offers. You heard it here first. I’ve solved at least one of the world’s problems. Just a few million more to contend with.