The Toyota Prius may be sold as an "environmentally-friendly" vehicle, but it seems the environment's got no mercy for two of them after a tree falling in high wind smashed one and damaged another. Gallery below.

The two hybrids where passing on a road in Boulder, Colorado when a burst of wind downed a 75 year-old maple bringing it crashing down on top of one Prius, piercing through the glass, dash and floor, while the other was damaged but still drivable. Amazingly, nobody was seriously injured in the incident, the driver had to go to the hospital with back pain but the passenger was uninjured.

Didn't we hear about this story from someone who saw that M. Night Shyamallama movie? Something about nature rebelling against mankind for its ignorantly destructive ways? Did anyone actually see The Happening? [DailyCamera]


Photo credit: Paul Aiken