Idiot Thief Brings Car Back To Dealership To Complain About Key Fob

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A Florida used car dealership was targeted by a team of thieves who used identity theft to "purchase" vehicles. By the time the dealer got the alert that the paperwork was falsified, the cars were gone. The dealership was able to recover one of the cars due to a bone-headed thief who returned about a dead key battery.


According to CBS Miami, on two separate incidents thieves posing as other people came in to purchase vehicles with falsified documents. The first vehicle that was stolen was an Infititi G37; suspects were captured by dealership cameras, but that car has yet to be recovered.

Another heist occurred when detectives say that Miskea Smith-Gray, 38, walked into The Connection Motors dealership with a younger woman and kids and gave a false driver's license then made off with a Cadillac SUV.

"Everything checked out…. the picture looked legit everything matches perfectly. The hologram and everything was to the "T" down perfectly...I'm astonished I couldn't believe someone would Go through with that so calmly and family like…she had two kids with her including a baby. Terrible." - Felipe Pereira, dealership employee.


The next day Smith-Gray returned to the dealer because the key-fob wasn't working correctly. Dealership staff told her to wait while they fixed it, that is when they called the police to come and have her arrested. Authorities charged Smith-Gray on grand theft charges and and organized fraud. They also arrested Corey Wilson, 35, on unlawful possession of ids.

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You had fordboy357 at "meat tornado"

Idiot Thief Brings Back Car To Dealership To Complain About Key Fob

Before I even read the article, I thought "This must be Florida"

I have yet to guess wrong.