Idiot Pisses On An Audi R8, Idiot Posts Video Of It To Internet

Look at this stupid excuse for an emotionally stunted manchild. He doesn't like how someone parks in an empty garage, so he decides to take a piss on it. And then he posts the evidence of it on Youtube. Idiot. I really hope this is a joke, and this is his own Audi R8, because Christ almighty. This is bad.

Listen, I know we all hate people who can't stay in the lines when it comes time to stop driving your car, but it happens. (Believe me, we know it happens, you people won't stop sending us pictures of it. Please stop.) If it really, truly upsets you, the best way to handle it is to leave a polite note. Don't go dumping your bodily fluids on the fender of an Audi that hurt nobody in its life.


And definitely, whatever you do, do not post a video of you having some sort of emotional control issue on the Internet as some sort of gloat. Instead of shaming the person you wanted to chastise, you only ended up shaming yourself.

In your bad sunglasses and stupid shirt. Please let this be a bad joke.

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