Illustration for article titled Idiot Jamoke In An Audi R8 Floors It After Hitting A Car While Driving Like An Idiot Jamoke

The Audi R8 is good and nice, but it is a supercar. And sometimes supercars attract people who don’t know how to drive supercars (or really at all), and sometimes they cause accidents and flee the scene. Sometimes they’re such an idiot jamoke, they get caught on a dashcam driving like an idiot jamoke.

I’m guessing whoever was in the tacky-as-hell color-prism wrapped R8 panicked when they tried to do an overtake after realizing they were playing chicken with a bus. You can see bits of the car the R8 hits go flying away, along with the idiot jamoke driving the R8 that likely just shit their pants.


There’s not much other information, but judging by the wrap job and the fact that the number plate is clearly visible, it’s safe to be this idiot jamoke wont be hard to find, if he hasn’t been caught already.

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