You know what you should never do at a gas pump? Strike a match as a way to be funny. That's what an idiot did as he passed behind his friend. Guess what? Fire!

To those uninitiated, liquid gasoline isn't the thing to worry about when you're fueling, it's the fuel vapors. While liquid gasoline is extremely flammable, gasoline vapors are explosive. This is what two friends found out when one decided striking a match near his fuel-pump operating friend would be super funny. Jokes on him as the fuel vapors instantly caught fire and produced a huge fireball, catching the jokester on fire which resulted in burns over 20% of his body.

The other occupants of the fire-engulfed Geo Tracker were a woman in the back seat and a child, who both made it out safely before a gas station attendant came out to put down the fire. Chandler, Arizona and Kissimmee, Florida were not available for comment on their status as stupidest places in the country. [KPHO]