Idiot Car Thief Butt-Dialed 911 Over And Over Until He Was Caught

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Butt dials are annoying, especially when your phone randomly dials 911 for no good reason all the time. But if you find yourself prone to that predicament? Think about leaving your phone at home when you go out to plan and execute multiple car thefts.


On March 14th, a Washington emergency dispatch center received a 44-minute butt dial. Over the course of the call, the dispatchers overheard male voices talking about various kinds of cars they were targeting for theft. One voice in particular was giving instructions about how to drive up to targeted cars to make jumping out and stealing the car easiest. The dispatchers alerted the police, but the thieves couldn't be tracked down. A few hours later, though, a Toyota 4-Runner matching the description of one of the vehicles discussed on the call was reported stolen.

A few days later, two more 911 butt dials came in from the same cell phone, with similar results: police went looking for the idiots who were literally describing their crimes to a 911 operator, but were only able to find an abandoned (and stolen) car. Escaped again.


Finally, after a fourth call from the same cell phone, police tracked the caller to an apartment building. There, they found two stolen cars, and a man who admitted that sometimes his phone dials 911 for no reason. There was already a warrant out for his arrest, but if there hadn't been, excessive and unbelievable stupidity would have probably been enough to ring him up, in addition to the grand theft auto. [Seattle Times]

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