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Identify This Truck And Help Police Catch A Gas Thief

Illustration for article titled Identify This Truck And Help Police Catch A Gas Thief

Law enforcement agencies from across the U.S. have reached out to Jalopnik for help with car identifications since your input was "critical" to solving a hit-and-run last month.


Today, we've got a gas thief in a truck from the Evansville, Indiana area. Local police realize this is a GMC truck but need as much help narrowing down the year, name of the color, and any other details that might help them find this one (there are a lot of GMC trucks in Indiana).


Please put your best guesses (this should be an easy one) in the comments and we'll share them with the Evansville Police Department.

Illustration for article titled Identify This Truck And Help Police Catch A Gas Thief

if you're in Evansville and you happen to know this specific vehicle used in the crime please contact local police but do not attempt to apprehend anyone. Leave that to the authorities.

Are you a member of the law enforcement community and you need a vehicle identified? Please email us here with the subject line "To Catch A Car."


Follow our entire "To Catch A Car" series here.

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You know, for all those bitching about being asked for help identifying a car used in a gas theft occurrence, I'd like to point out that apparently it's interesting enough for the lot of you to still comment on, so clearly it can't be that stupid; unless, of course, it truly is that stupid, in which case your propensity for commenting on such so-called "stupid" posts is direct reflection on your own stupidity. If you have no interest, don't comment.

As for the nature of the crime, yeah, it's certainly not as serious as a murder, rape, or kidnapping. And you know what? Thank fucking God (or whatever deity you believe in) that it isn't. Once in a while, it's actually kind of nice that despite a crime being committed, no one got hurt or killed. I'd rather deal with a million stories like this than one story of an innocent person getting hurt or killed. So yeah, there's that.

But while the crime isn't as serious, it's still a blatant, unlawful theft. How many of you get pissed off at people who illegally drive on the shoulder when trying to merge into traffic, just for the sake of getting a few extra car lengths? Clearly, that's a pretty fucking big deal to you, when you're the one stuck in traffic getting screwed over just that much more by an occasional asshole. And yet, at the end, it costs you an extra 30 seconds. But clearly, since it's 30 seconds of your life, it's worth getting angry over. But if it's 30 seconds of someone else's life, and a fair chunk of actual money out of the business that they run to earn their livelihood, it's just a meaningless crime, right?

Give me a break. Yeah, the thief didn't murder/rape/maim/kidnap anyone. But he did have a notable effect on the livelihood of someone just trying to run their business.

As for the police asking us for help? To start with, if I were in the position of needing the help of the police, I'd damn well want them to spend every moment exploring every possible avenue and every possible solution, considering that not only does it affect me in that situation, but that my tax dollars are paying their salaries. So you know what? Good for the police department of Evansville, Indiana for doing exactly what they should be doing an earning their salaries.

Also, has it occurred to any of you that you should actually take that as a compliment? That someone actually respects us enough to ask for our help as subject matter experts? No, of course that hasn't occurred to you. You're too busy trying be a cool kid and come up with snarky comments in hopes of winning COTD, because that's clearly an indication of what an automotive expert you are. But the simple truth is that as we demonstrate our ability and willingness to be helpful, we get respect for not only being willing to help, but also for being subject matter experts. And as Jstas points out below, consulting subject matter experts is a very important form of research.

A crime is a crime, regardless of severity. And if someone wants to ask for our help solving it, why not? Not only is it a compliment to us, but it's also an opportunity to do something positive not for the sake of bragging about how helped catch a criminal or a killer, but rather for the sake of simply doing something to help someone else out. If that doesn't appeal to your M.O., that's cool. But don't get pissy about it. If you feel that you have a better use of your time, then go in peace and do whatever is you'd rather be doing. But don't expend energy just to be dickhead in the comments of a post that you deem stupid.