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Kyle Peters was killed riding his bike Tuesday when a vehicle struck the Canadian teenager. The driver fled, leaving behind only this 11" x 16" piece of black fiberglass. If you know what it is, leave a comment below. UPDATE!


According to police, Peters was struck while riding along County Road 34 around 9 p.m. on Tuesday in Leamington, Canada, near Windsor. Police are asking area residents to report any vehicles missing a piece of fiberglass from their front fender area, where this piece is suspected to come from. They're also asking anyone with knowledge of cars to identify the broken part.

If you've got an answer, leave it below. If you have a picture of the same piece of fender, even better. Let's help the police find this killer.


Update: If you said Audi, you're correct. Police just arrested a suspect.

(Hat tip to g9m3c!)


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