Iconic GTR Roadster: Would You Pay $600K For A Cobra Replicar?

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Iconic Motors announced what they call "a truly groundbreaking automobile," which is pretty amazing given that it looks a lot like a certain other car that's already been recreated a few times. What does $600K get you? A lot of carbon fiber, a 420-cubic-inch V8 good for 800 horsepower, heated-and-cooled seats and a center display that utilizes bright-view technology "found in military fighters." With 18 pending U.S. patent applications this could be the ultimate modern realization of the 427 Cobra... or it could be lawsuit bait. Only time and Carroll Shelby's legal team will tell. Press release below the jump.


Long Island, N.Y. (March 13, 2008) - The GTR Roadster by Iconic Motors was unveiled at the duPont REGISTRY Live! this past weekend at the Amelia Island Concours d' Elegance. A truly groundbreaking automobile, the Iconic GTR boasts 18 pending U.S. patent applications, a chassis made of high strength chromoly, a carbon fiber passenger tub and carbon fiber body panels, and a high performance air management system with under body inverted carbon fiber wings designed to generate more than 500 pounds of downforce at 175 miles per hour.

The Iconic GTR's 1950s inspired body design features many panels constructed of a poly silicate matrix sandwiched between two layers of carbon fiber that results in an incredibly strong light weight and rigid body. With its carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb reinforced chassis having over 20,000 pounds of torsional rigidity, the GTR offers a level of performance handling that rivals that found in many modern race cars.

"I have wanted to build a car that combines the latest innovative technologies with the most exquisite detailing, design and all out performance since the day I began reading car magazines as a kid," said Claudio Ballard, the inventor and visionary behind the GTR Roadster. "Everything from the custom-built, heated and cooled carbon fiber seats to the computerized gas cap that slides open like the glass on a moon roof embodies my vision."

From its luxurious leather and suede hand-stitched interior to its hand-assembled 420-cid/800-horsepower naturally aspirated V-8 engine, the vehicle is a rolling showcase for revolutionary technology shrouded in a racecar. The entire nose clip swings up and forward to reveal the highly detailed engine compartment, showcasing a custom-fabricated engine built to super car racing standards featuring titanium valves, high strength light weight stainless and aluminum components throughout along with the very latest in high performance friction reduction technology. The patent pending shifter mechanism is specifically designed to display its inner workings as a beautiful piece of automotive artwork, and even the gauges, dashboard starter and hazard light push button switches are custom designed from stainless steel and manmade synthetic sapphire with a hardness level just below that of diamond. The dash center console has a 8-inch touch screen display utilizing the same bright-view technology found in military strike fighters and bombers for clear visibility regardless of sunlight exposure in support of its onboard GPS navigation and driver information displays.

The Iconic GTR - proudly designed, engineered and constructed using state-of-the-art computer-aided design and manufacturing technology entirely in the United States with over 99% U.S. sourced materials.


[Source; Iconic Motors]

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1. To Buckster, where do you live, AFRICA?

2. I just took a look at the iconic website. Seeing the side-view i have to change my stance a little bit. Whilst its still not a replicar, it certainly is VERY much influenced by the Cobra.

3. Dunno if it has a live rear axle. I can't imagine it would, considering how much work they put into it and the crazy cost of it.