Ice Cream Truck Song As A Fire Truck Siren Is Hilarious And Creepy

So there you are, just another day driving the golf cart around your sunny Florida community when a heavy rescue rig comes barreling around the corner running full lights and... is that an ice cream truck song?

It's not common practice for a rescue vehicle to only run the siren when there are people to scatter and shut it off running through a residential area, especially if it's slowing down for speed bumps.

But a responding fire truck using a sound designed to instill a pavlovian "run to me" trigger on children seems counterintuitive and actually a little irresponsible. Was this some kind of poor-taste firehouse prank? Or maybe the upfitter slapped the wrong siren on the rig after the Miami-Dade Fire Department ordered this heavy rescue truck.


Maybe the department's doing a little fund raising and hocking ice cream around town now.

Also, this might be the first golf cart dash cam I've ever seen.

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