I See Your Kawasaki H2R And Raise You A Turbo 'Busa

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300 horsepower Kawasaki H2Rs are cute and all, but Kawasaki hasn’t even managed to break the 220 mph mark yet. This turbocharged Hayabusa was hitting those speeds in its preteen years and is now chasing the glory of that elusive 300 mph club.


The Hass-Serafini Racing land speed bike began its life as a Suzuki Hayabusa. Now, thanks to custom fabrication shop Fab-U-This, it’s a compound turbocharged Frankenstein bike running on methanol. That weird, droopy dick looking thing on the front isn’t a headlight - but instead serves as a massive air intake.

Those Red Bull cans on the side? As much as I would love to believe they’re empties that were poured into the tank (insert Red Bull gives you wings joke here), they’re most likely catch cans. As best I can tell, it’s still using the stock Hayabusa frame, just with bits bolted on for the aerodynamic pieces.

I managed to get Steve Sarafini, the bike’s builder, on the phone this morning and he filled me in on the bike’s progress so far.

The dyno they’re using is actually owned by the bike’s owner, Don Hass, and resides in his garage. They used six straps to try and tie the bike down when trying to get accurate numbers from the land speed bike but, as you can see, the bike is still too much to handle. The highest they’ve seen so far on the dyno is 566 hp, but Steve guesses the bike is actually in the 700-800 hp range.


They’ve only done one test ride with the bike so far, hitting a top speed of 223 at the Loring Timing Association at the Maine event a few weeks back. They had their second run over Labor day weekend but had some wind issues and weren’t able to get the speeds they wanted. Their next run is in Ohio in several weeks, and we’ll check back in with them then.

Check out their Facebook page for more updates on the bike.



Can you imagine falling off at 299mph?