I Need Honda Japan to Start Selling Its Dog Accessories in the U.S.

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There is only one single thing in this hellscape of a world that I love more than cars: Dogs. If there’s one thing dogs love more than humans willing to pet and feed them, it’s car rides. That’s why Honda Japan’s dog accessories should be a wonderful worldwide phenomenon.

Honda has a history of pet-friendly designs. Whether it’s their 2005 WOW Concept that featured a whole entire glovebox for your dog or their Honda Element Concept that included a doggie ramp and a spill-resistant bowl, the Japanese company has been ahead of the game when it comes to making sure our pets are just as comfortable as us.


But this weekend, I discovered that Honda Japan sells a whole host of precious dog accessories that can be fitted into basically any car—all of which are far cuter than the strictly utilitarian dog designs you’ll find stateside.

The line is called Honda Dog, and it features all kinds of great ‘lil extras that you can include in your car. There is, for example, a seat mat that extends all the way to the floor and to the rear of the front seats, so you can take your best friend out for a walk and not have to worry about cleaning those muddy feet until you get home.

There’s also two different kinds of pet seats that provide some structure so your pup isn’t running around like crazy.


There are door linings and floor pads, too. But I think my very favorite item in this collection has to be the paw print shifters. I currently travel too much to have my own dog—but that would not stop me from sticking one of these bad boys on my car. They’re adorable, yeah—but the design itself is classy as hell. It’s like the adult equivalent of the Lisa Frank dog folders everyone had in second grade.


Honestly, I love everything about this. I don’t know why more car manufacturers don’t offer pet products specifically designed with their cars in mind. Yeah, yeah, you can get similar products on, like Amazon—but my family has never had success with them. The mats are always too small, the protective covers barely spreading over the entire seat.


In my ideal world, I could walk into a dealership to buy a car and have it outfitted right then and there with the Pet Package, replete with all the accessories I need to keep my pets safe and happy—and to show the world that I am friggin’ stoked to be a Pet Mom.

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