The best car in the 12 Hours of Sebring paddock wasn't one of the party trucks that wandered around with fans yelling "WOOOO" in the bed, or any kind of latest-and-greatest supercar. Nope. Not even close. It was this 1986 Porsche 911 jacked up on nubby tires with a million rally lights up front. I'm...I'm in love.


This was the Safari RS, a car with so many nods to every detail I love that was put on vintage 911s that I...I can't even. Ducktail! Side script! Round lights! TEN round lights, even!

The car was a collaboration between Porsche 911 GT3 Cup powerhouse Kelly-Moss Motorsports and Stone Brothers Garage. It was built out of an old 911 race car body, so it already came with a cage. It also has a brush guard and a winch, just in case. It also has a big fuel cell in the front so you're less likely to get stranded out in the wild. There's a brake proportioning valve fitted to the car to move its stopping power to where you need it, too.

Look at it, man. Everything about this is good and wonderful.

(And probably very drifty with all that weight in the back!)


Is there a better place to mount a spare tire on a crazy off-road car than on the roof rack? Nope. It's the kind of thing that says "look at my tires—they mean business."


The interior features a gorgeous carbon-fiber dash board and wild color-changing LED lighting. This isn't a full-on rally car (look at that un-flocked shiny dash and modern sound system!), but to say I wouldn't hoon its tires off anyway would be a blatant lie.

If you've got an old 911 tub just lying around the shop, this is the best thing you could ever do with it. Ever. The universe needs more off-road 911s: fact.