Parents face a tough milestone when their children turn 16. Giving kids their first wheels is scary, but this father-turned-genius hatched a perfect plan and made junior's desire for wheels work for him. He picked a limousine.

Think about it this way: This dad's really just setting his son up for success and helping himself to a little luxury. First, hopefully dad will make son get a chauffeur's license before he can drive the beast, which will keep him off the roads a little longer and ensure that he ends up with a much greater amount of training than the average new driver. Second, the kid will be the go-to guy for all high-school proms, birthdays, parties and other occasions, meaning he'll likely have a little cash socked away by graduation, lightening the load on dad's pocketbook when college comes along. And let's not even talk about the side benefits with all that room to stretch out in the back.

Not only does this dad get delivered to work in style, he's instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in his boy. Also, used limos are usually cheap as hell and so unwieldy they make joy rides too much effort. [Lamebook]