I Must Look Like a Dork: AdWeek Blogs on Mini's Philanthropical Ambitions

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A couple of us were just discussing irresponsible dorkdom when this post by Zeanna Dammit Deanna Zammit came up. While we're all for the skewering of advertisements, Zammit's analysis just struck us as stale, trite, and often lacking in basic-spelling-and-grammar acumen — not to mention an acute lack of creativity. To wit:

At "Minimotoringhearts.com, your call to "Be a bunch of good-for-somethings," makes me feel good about diverting energy to my climate controlled glove box because I can use it to deliver Meals on Wheels. Would the Jaguar XK urge me to mentor an underprivaledged youth?"


Oh, and she helluv used the wrong version of bare/bear in her headline. Bonus cred-blow! 3,000 pts! Please, Deanna, if you're gonna be a critic, don't be a goddamn doofus.

Mini Cooper bears heart to do-gooders [AdWeek]

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