I Must Have Lego's New R/C 4x4 Rock Crawller

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I've been putting off any Lego purchases until my nephew gets old enough to build with non-Duplo sets without potentially swallowing any pieces. The new Lego Technic 4x4 Off-Roader might have me breaking that policy. Hey, his 11th birthday is barely a decade away!

The new set debuted at the London Toy Fair earlier this year and looks incredibly awesome. It has a tough, Toyota Hilux-meets-Silverado rock crawler look with a pair of motors and full R/C control. It's also Technic, so don't expect a ton of modular pieces.

Brickset described it this way:

The 4x4 crawler is a IR-remote-control vehicle which had half-black and half-white bodywork which looked a bit odd, and odder still I suspect if you don't apply the stickers.

However, more importantly it comes with new motors and a new servo motor. The two axles were driven by separate motors which were squarer than those we've seen before, although it was difficult to see their geometry exactly. The servo motor would have been used for the steering and it also was a different shape to current PF motors.

A motor for the front and rear axles could provide some real rock-crawling ability out of a Lego set given enough torque, and the video clearly shows some nice four-wheel steering action.


It also articulates like Meryl Streep.

Now all someone needs to do is mount a Lego Unimog body on top of it.

(Hat tip to BZRong!)

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I'm still rolling this awesomeness around the house.