Are you feeling down? Get up. I mean, physically up. As in, the direction away from the ground. You should jump an incredibly large vehicle into the air. Pretend your huge mud truck is a rocketship and fly! Roam free about the air! Nothing can get you down when you’re up!

“Y’all ready for a big jump?” asks an announcer. Look, guy, it’d be weird if we weren’t. You don’t really have to ask before sending it.


This is what pure happiness looks like: monster trucks leaping gracefully through the air.

Honestly, the only thing that could make this epic weekend of Le Mans cars better is if Ford lifted a GT up in the air and did this. That would rule. Please listen to my bad ideas, Ford. (Also, come hang out with us at 8:00 p.m. tonight. Details below.)

Contributor, Jalopnik. 1984 "Porschelump" 944 race car, 1971 Volkswagen 411 race car, 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS.

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