A Typhoon Is Threatening This Weekend's Japanese Grand Prix

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Typhoon Phanfone is bearing down on Japan, and if there's anything that could make this F1 season more interesting it's aero-dependent cars knocking up against a category three tropical storm.

At this point, the biggest concern is rain, but Force India driver Sergio Perez said that if the storm hits Suzuka, "we won't be able to race."

F1's chief meteorologist, Steffen Dietz, is expecting serious rain and the FIA's race director will meet with teams and Lord Bernie to discuss moving the start of the race earlier in the day.


Speaking with the BBC, Dietz said:

There are still big uncertainties for the storm track in the coming days. The current forecast track for typhoon Phanfone keeps the eye of the storm to the southeast of Japan on Sunday, but with associated rainbands extending north towards Suzuka during the morning. Once it starts, the rain is likely to be prolonged and become increasingly heavy.

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