I'm sure Volkswagen has a perfectly good business case to explain why it doesn't sell the Transporter in the U.S. I don't really care, because all I can think about is driving the new T6 cross-country and living inside, particularly now that I know the internal codename VW uses for its new diesel engine.

Volkswagen has sold around 12 million of its T series vans over the last 65 years, with the last-generation T5 accounting for two million sales in just the past decade. The T6 is the latest evolution, with both the commercial and Multivan versions putting a premium on substance over style, which is exactly why it looks so damn perfect for a CA-to-NY blast.

There's the normal assortment of safety features and creature comforts, from adaptive cruise control to automatic emergency braking, and an upgraded 6.3-inch infotainment screen.

But the spec I want is a special launch model called the Generation SIX. It's fitted with LED lights, tinted windows, 18-inch "Disc" wheels, lots of toys, and a choice of four, two-tone paint options (blue/grey, please) with color-coordinated interiors complete with alcantara covered heated seats. Also, I'll take the 4Motion all-wheel-drive, thanks.

But the best part is the TDI. No, the power figures aren't mind-blowing, with the 2.0-liter diesel putting out between 82 to 201 HP. It's the engine designation.

According to VW:

In the T series a completely new generation of TDI engines is being launched for the EU6 markets. Internally it answers to the name 'EA288 Nutz'.

Answers to the name Nutz. NUTZ! We now have a winner for Best Engine Code Ever, and I just want this thing that much more.

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